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Didactic Technical Teaching Equipment / Escalator Training Equipment ZM9103

Didactic Technical Teaching Equipment / Escalator Training Equipment ZM9103

Didactic Technical Teaching Equipment / Escalator Training Equipment ZM9103

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ShouldShine
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: ZM9103

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negociate
Packaging Details: plywood box
Delivery Time: 35 days
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000 sets per year
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Detailed Product Description
Function: Escalator Training Equipment For College,vocational Schools,university Dimension: 15CBM
Weight: 1600kgs Model: ZM9103
Color: Grey Package: Plywood

ZM9103 Escalator Training Equipment Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment
1. Overview
Elevator electrical skills training assessment experiment device is for each big, technical secondary school universities, vocational school of electrical, automation or related major, social electrician training, maintenance electrician identification of various (station), and other units of electrical control of PLC teaching, evaluation and development, can be used for classroom demonstration, the elevator electrical control the original rational operation and experiment practice. Training device for hidden set up dozens of circuit fault, the students with the aid of fault principle diagram analysis and judgment, comprehensive and real knowledge of elevator electrical fault and eliminate, is an ideal equipment, skills training assessment of real significant teaching effect.
2. Technical data
1. Input power: three-phase four-wire (or three-phase five-wire) AC380V plus or minus 10% 50Hz
2. Total machine capacity: < 8kVA
3. Lifting height: 2000mm
4. Control mode: PLC+ frequency conversion self-starting control.
5. Monitoring system: real-time monitoring of voltage and current conditions.
6. Fault module: with 30-bit common fault simulation setting function.
7. Safety protection: it has the protection function of grounding, overload, overcurrent and leakage current, and it is safe in accordance with national standards.
8. External dimension: 8000mm (length) * 1600mm (width) * 4200mm (height)
9. Size of training table: 1680 * 750 * 1610mm
10. Auxiliary ladder size: 1400 * 600 * 2180mm
11. Installation structure: the training elevator is made of steel structure, and the experimental bench is made of iron double-layer sub-light striated spray structure, which is strong and durable.
3. Basic configuration of experimental equipment
1. Ac power supply: provide three-phase five-wire ac power supply (AC380V) with over-current leakage protection measures.
2, personal safety protection system: laboratory bench type with a current leakage protection device, or high voltage output circuit in the control panel line if there is leakage phenomenon, immediately cut off the power supply, ensure the experimental personnel and equipment safety.
3. Test bench: there is a voltage and current monitoring meter installed on the panel, which can observe the working state of the elevator in real time and visually. It is made entirely of elevator used in industry. The elevator is equipped with a complete and detailed circuit schematic diagram, which is convenient to analyze the working principle of the equipment and the line fault analysis and elimination.
4, fault Settings: panel according to the different fault switch configuration is equipped with 20-28, 29-32 for standby switch, convenient random set elevator safety line fault in the teaching process, and fully meet the needs of the teaching content changes.
5. Experimental table: the experimental table is built by industrial standard aluminum profile. The profile surface is electrooxidized, beautiful, generous and durable. The table is made of high density board, with solid structure and beautiful and generous shape. There are two large drawers for storing tools, materials, etc.
4. Experimental items and main contents:
1. Let students be familiar with the working principle, structure composition, structure and principle of low-voltage electric appliances of sidewalk escalators commonly used in industry.
2. By analyzing the electrical schematic diagram, students can grasp the safety protection and working form of the elevator through the analysis of the schematic diagram; And through analysis and measurement, find out the location of the fault point, deeply understand the operation principle of the elevator.
3. Improve students' practical operational analysis ability and improve their practical skills.
4. Through the analysis and elimination of elevator faults, the recognition and understanding of common elevator faults are completed.
5. Understand the programming principles and methods of PLC program through the programming of mitsubishi PLC host.
5. escalator teaching simulation software
This software uses 3 DPDF virtual simulation technology, the 3 d PDF combined with metadata, text, images, video, and form the dynamic PDF documents (that is, to join the three dimensional animation interactive PDF document), contains rich 3 d data. The software interface is vivid and beautiful, easy to learn and easy to use. It can enhance the interest of teachers and students in teaching and learning, and deepen students' understanding and application of knowledge. By means of 3d disassembly animation, 3d assembly animation and simulated disassembly, the software vividly shows the disassembly and assembly process of modules such as ladder mechanism, truss structure and drive host. The following functions can be implemented:
1. Virtual interactive disassembly animation is conducted according to the order of mechanical structure, and each step has animation and detailed disassembly text introduction.
2. The software can be free to rotation, scaling, translation, the model of hidden, isolation, display, such as operation, is equipped with rotary model, scaling model and moving model, cache selected, isolating the selected, all display, full screen switch, button, etc.
3. Software playback function: set the buttons of the first step, the previous step, the whole play, the next step and the last step, etc.
4. Basic knowledge and introduction of each mechanism of escalator
5. Animation demonstration of working principle of escalator
6. Virtual disassembly and 3d animation demonstration of escalator steps.
7. Virtual disassembly and 3d animation demonstration of escalator drive host.
8. Virtual disassembly and 3d animation demonstration of automatic truss structure.

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